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List of Brands

Here is a list of all the brands available to Eddie’s.  Click the links for each manufacturer to see all of their products.  Also, if you shop other stores, you can compare Eddie’s price by:


1.  Seeing if the brand name at the other store is on our List of Brands.


2.  Getting a model number and as much information as possible or coming to Eddie’s to identify the item in our catalog.


3.  Coming to Eddie’s or calling us at 413-533-0166 to get our price quoted over the phone.



Cribs - Legacy Classic Kids

KidsAcme, Amesbury, Ashley, AtlanticCarolinaHomelegance, Innovations, Legacy Classic Kids, Poundex

AdultsAcme, Amesbury, Ashley, Atlantic, Carolina, EbersolHomeleganceLegacy, Liberty, Poundex, Warehouse M, Winner’s Only, Vaughan-Bassett 

MattressesGold Bond, Comfort Bedding

Daybeds AcmeFashion Bed Group, Homelegance, Poundex

Metal Beds Ashley, Fashion Bed Group, Poundex

FutonAcmeFashion Bed Group, Gold Bond, Homelegance, Poundex

Platform Beds – Amesbury, AtlanticFashion Bed Group, Innovations


BookcasesAcmeAtlanticLegends, Poundex, Winner’s Only


CuriosAcme, Philip Reinisch, Pulaski


Entertainment CentersAcmeAshley, Eagle FurnitureEbersolHomelegance, Jofran, Legends, Leisters, Liberty, Philip Reinisch, Poundex, Vaughan-Bassett, Warehouse M, Winner’s Only


Home Office –  AcmeAshley, Atlantic, Eagle FurnitureEbersolHomelegance, Legends, Liberty, Philip Reinisch, Poundex, Winner’s Only


Kitchen & Dining RoomsAcmeAmesbury, Ashley, Atlantic, EbersolHomelegance, Jofran, Legacy, Liberty, Poundex, Warehouse M, Winner’s Only


Living Room

ReclinersAcmeAshley, Best (RESTRICTED) , England, *Lancer, Poundex, Warehouse M

Sofa & LoveseatsAcmeAshley, Best (RESTRICTED), England, *Lancer, Poundex, Warehouse M

Sectionals AcmeAshley, Best (RESTRICTED), England, *Lancer, Poundex

End & Coffee TablesAcmeAshley, Best (RESTRICTED), EbersolHomelegance, Jofran, Leisters, Liberty, Poundex, Warehouse M, Winner’s Only

LampsAcmeAshley, Poundex

GlidersAcmeBest (RESTRICTED)


*Lancer - only the #550, #600, #830, #840 Series.


Clocks - Acme, Rhythm


Store Hours – Monday through Saturday  -  9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Sunday:  Sometimes   1 pm to 5 pm  Call Ahead


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